Design, Illustration and Architecture

collage, stamped letters

A Meeting of Minds
card, paper fasteners

The Things that Move Us
book about stories and objects

Elvis Embroidery
thread, stickers, postcard

A Thing for Redheads
collage, card, matchbox

Family Babushka Dolls
blank dolls, paint

Naga Puppet
card, paper fasteners, 2 m length

Postcard for a Friend
collage, card, stickers

Three Brothers Drawing
pen, coloured pencil

Mari Lwyd Puppet
card, paper fasteners, 1m tall

Bird Typographic Collage
card, scissors

Gentlemanly Things
ink, watercolour

Advertisement for Childhood
ball point pen, stickers

drawing, ballpoint pen

Howard Roark Selects: Grey
drawing, ink, watercolour, pencil

Dancing Puppet in Burka
card, paper fasteners, 1m tall

New Glasses
drawing, brush pens, stickers

Cheerful Man
painting, acrylic on canvas