Design, Illustration and Architecture

2013 Visual Diary 5
travelling Udine to Vienna

2013 Visual Diary 2
in Melbourne then Berlin

2013 Visual Diary 4
travelling London to Venice

2013 Visual Diary 1
in Melbourne

2013 Visual Diary 3
in London

2012 Visual Diary 08
mostly costume and tribal

Visual Diaries

I started using visual diaries, journals and sketchbooks in a disciplined way in 2000, as a way to explore and record graphic ideas. There are now over 50 of them, and they are usefully shelved by date. I am constantly surprised by what they contain. They are full of things that I have forgotten, ideas that I never got around to applying, and interesting styles that I no longer use. And they are a source for new inspiration.

Here are some sample pages from recent journals. I will share more over time.