Design, Illustration and Architecture

Architects Who Design Other Things
ink, nib pen, watercolour

This illustration is about placing what I do into context. It pays homage to some of great mid century designers, and an excellent advertisement by Herman Miller.

Alexander Girard designed lots of things, but what I like most about him is his designs for fabrics, children, and his ethnographic and craft ideas. I particularly like his little painted toys.

George Nelson was best known as a furniture designer for Herman Miller, and as the somewhat optimistic  designer of the open plan office. But he really can't be blamed that idea.

Charles Eames designed the beautiful Eames House, did amazing design and film work and symbolizes the idealism and positive aspects of post war modernism. Of course, Ray Eames was a vital part of this, although she wasn't in the Herman Miller ad. If you haven't seen the documentary The Architect and the Artist, I really recommend it.

And I am there, drawing inspiration.